Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Why You're Losing the Traffic Wars

You might think you're doing okay in the traffic wars, right?

Maybe you know a bit about search engines, and you've done a spot of Pay Per Click [PPC]?

Well, I'm sorry to be the one breaking the news to you, but you are losing the traffic wars.

There's an underground army of super-traffic warriors that are totally killing it right now -- as you rest on your laurels [or in your favorite cozy chair!] thinking that you have this thing down.

What am I talking about?

Well, traffic -- just like everything else online -- changes VERY rapidly. What used to be the standard traffic methods just six months ago is no longer the case.

Not only are there HIGHLY profitable Web 2.0 tactics for getting targeted traffic to your website, but there are also rich veins of untapped traffic that a select few marketers are currently feeding on.

That is, until now...

You see, I've just glimpsed behind the scenes into something that is going to radically change your entire perception of what it means to get traffic to your website.

You've seen "The Matrix," right? Well, it's time to go down that rabbit hole and hold tight. This isn't going to be pretty...

I'll be the first to admit that I thought I knew all there was to know about traffic. But when I started watching the first of the 50 videos in this incredibly comprehensive training program, I felt ashamed and surprised.

Here were techniques being laid bare -- right in front of my very eyes -- that I had never, ever heard of. But not just that... These methods are so EASY to copy and put into place, that I'll be getting lots more traffic to my websites in a matter of hours by implementing them.

When you add to that the fact that the course comes with 100,000 ad credits that get you instant traffic PLUS your very own tailored Fast-Track To Traffic Action Plan, then you can see why I'm so excited about this!

You know the score... Products come out all the time, but this one is the real deal. You can see it, hear it, and feel the quality and the value of the information contained within it, right from the very start.

At the price this guy's charging, you'll be rubbing your eyes in disbelief. Seriously now, it's just plain stupidly low-priced.

Anyway, have a look for yourself, and you'll see that this has to be, hands-down, the most comprehensive collection of traffic methods ever revealed in one place -- and all for a mere fraction of those $1,000 price-tagged home-study courses...

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

THIS Is Why You Can't Make Money Online...

You'd better sit down. I've got some bad news for you... For you and 90% of other online marketers out there.

I was doing some research on the Web a couple of days ago, and I came across an absolutely shocking statistic.

==> http://bit.ly/CashCodeSystem

Brace yourself, because this is a real gut-check moment...

Did you know that 90% PLUS of all online businesses fail inside the first 3 months?

They don't make ANY money, and they fold under the pressure.

Think about what that means for just a second...

Got any buddies who are trying to make money online? Well, out of a hundred, only a handful will succeed. Same with everyone you know in forums, through Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Almost all of them will fail.

And I'm not just spinning you a line here. These are facts. Cold, hard facts. I got them from Business Matters magazine.

Scary thought, isn't it?

Well, to be honest, it doesn't have to be scary at all.

Most of these folks who are failing and giving up -- and there are thousands of them doing it every month -- are failing for one, big, ugly reason:

They have NO idea what they're doing. They're just bouncing around from one thing to the next, hoping that somehow they'll make money.

And, let's be honest: Why would anybody be able to make money like that? If it were that simple, we'd all be millionaires...

That's where my friend Michael Jones* comes in. He told me he was flat-out sick and tired of seeing good people having their dreams crushed, and limping back to awful jobs they HATE.

So, he developed The Cash Code. It's an almost-foolproof system for making money online, as quickly and simply as possible.

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Listen, Mike's concentrated on making this as EASY as possible to make money with. So, you don't need to worry about not being able to build Web pages, or put links together, or anything like that.

This is very, very easy stuff. If you've completed more than a couple of years at school, and you can spell your own name [you can, right?], you can do this. No exaggeration.

You see, making money online is nowhere near as tough as people make it out to be. Sometimes, in fact, it's as easy as copying something from one page, and pasting it onto another.

And, you'll see how Michael used such simple techniques to make over $100,000 -- $106,381, to be exact -- in just 29 days. See how simple these methods are for yourself:

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So, listen...

If you want to separate yourself from the other 90% -- the ones who are going to definitely fail -- then you need something to help you succeed... You need a system that's already PROVEN to help others succeed.

Here it is:

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Check out Michael's video now, and then get ready to start separating yourself from the people who are definitely going to fail on the Internet.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

New Video Reveals '$2 Per Hour Power Formula' [HUH?]

Internet mogul John Reese just released a new eye-opening video that reveals the "$2 Per Hour Power Formula."

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* Why brainstorming new ideas is where all the money gets made, and how to spend your time mostly doing that.

* Dissecting the "Big Six" online money-making models, to show you how the right system can maximize income potential.

* And much, much more!

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Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30: Oprah Winfrey and Harpo Studios Mark First National 'No Phone Zone Day'

Today, Oprah Winfrey and Harpo Studios are taking a stand against distracted driving, launching a new public service announcement campaign, and joining forces with some of the country's pre-eminent transportation safety organizations to declare Friday, April 30, 2010, the first national "No Phone Zone Day."

A large-scale effort to honor victims of distracted driving, "No Phone Zone Day" will also educate and activate Americans to end the deadly driving habits that kill nearly 6,000 Americans a year, according to the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The announcement was initally made April 6 on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

"A call or text isn't worth taking a life," said Winfrey. "We must not allow more mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, sisters and brothers to die before we take action against distracted driving. Let's put a stop to it now, by joining together on April 30 for national 'No Phone Zone Day,' and by making our cars a 'No Phone Zone.'"

"I've made it my mission at the DOT to end distracted driving," said U.S. Secretary of Transportation
Ray LaHood. "We know that if we can get people to put away cell phones and other electronic devices when they are behind the wheel, we can save thousands of lives and prevent hundreds of thousands of injuries every year. That's why I'm proud to support and participate in Oprah's 'No Phone Zone Day.'"

Today, The Oprah Winfrey Show will present a special live episode devoted to ending distracted driving. In conjunction with the episode, Harpo Studios is mobilizing communities to take action at "No Phone Zone Day" viewing rallies to be held in Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Oprah show partner stations -- WSB-TV Channel 2 in Atlanta, WCVB-TV Channel 5 in Boston, WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit, KABC ABC7 in Los Angeles, and WJLA ABC7 in Washington, D.C. -- will support the rallies in their respective markets. The planned rallies will bring together victims' families, elected officials, advocacy organizations, parents, youth, and law enforcement to discuss best practices and steps to limit distracted driving in their own communities. In addition, a new "No Phone Zone" public service announcement campaign will be showcased on today's Oprah show.

A working coalition of transportation safety organizations will come together as part of "No Phone Zone Day" activities and viewing rallies across the country -- including LaHood and the
U.S. Department of Transportation; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA]; the Governors Highway Safety Association [GHSA]; the National Organizations for Youth Safety [NOYS]; FocusDriven; SADD [Students Against Destructive Decisions]; RADD, the Entertainment Industry's Voice for Road Safety; and more.

In addition, "No Phone Zone" corporate partners Sprint, General Motors/Chevrolet and Liberty Mutual will lend their support -- both for national "No Phone Zone Day" and in the coming months to spread the "No Phone Zone" message.

As a national call to action, all viewers and town hall participants will be asked to take the "No Phone Zone" pledge. By pledging, drivers agree to make their car a "No Phone Zone" and refrain from using their phone while driving, eliminating distractions from incoming calls, texts or e-mails.

To date, more than 160,000 people have signed
Oprah's "No Phone Zone" pledge at Oprah.com. Many celebrities have already joined the cause, including Oscar® winners Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges and Mo'Nique; comedian Jerry Seinfeld; actress and icon Raquel Welch; Olympic superstar Shaun White; country music's Lady Antebellum; entertainer and entrepreneur Tyler Perry; the cast of TV's Glee; plus many more.

A 2008 NHTSA study indicated that, at any given moment during the daylight hours, more than 800,000 vehicles are being driven by someone using a hand-held cell phone. According to a 2005 study for the
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety [IIHS], drivers are four times less likely to get into accidents serious enough to cause injury when they turn off their cell phones while behind the wheel.

For more information on "No Phone Zone Day," and to take the No Phone Zone pledge, please visit

For additional information on distracted driving, visit

About Harpo Studios
Harpo Studios is the home of Harpo Productions Inc., the most successful production company in daytime talk, producing the No. 1, award-winning The Oprah Winfrey Show and syndication's latest success,
The Dr. Oz Show, as well as having developed Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray.

Harpo Productions creates and develops original TV programming for primetime, syndication and cable television, and operates Oprah.com, a premier lifestyle website. ZoCo Productions LLC, an affiliate of Harpo Productions Inc., and Sony Pictures Television co-produce The Dr. Oz Show.

Harpo Print LLC and Hearst Magazines publish the monthly
O, The Oprah Magazine publication.

Harpo Films produces feature films and, through an exclusive deal with HBO, scripted television programming.

Harpo Radio Inc. produces
Oprah Radio [XM channel 156, SIRIUS channel 195, as part of its "Best of XM" package] on SIRIUS XM Radio.

A joint venture between Oprah Winfrey and Discovery Communications,
OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, a multi-platform company, will debut in January 2011 in approximately 80 million homes, on what is currently the Discovery Health Channel.

ProsperNOW's Take
Hooray for Oprah, to devote such significant broadcast time and creative resources in order to help get drivers to simply hang up their phones and focus on their task at hand: driving!

Has your company or organization signed Oprah's No Phone Zone pledge? If not, please do so now:

And then, of course, see that all of your personnel -- e.g., interns, sales reps, delivery persons, independent contractors, executives -- and family/household members practice prudent, common-sense driving habits.

Stay safe out there!


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